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Hi! I'm Skaiste, a freelance illustrator based​​ in Vilnius, Lithuania.

I mostly work on editorial and advertising projects; consequently, my ​illustrations can be found in magazines, ​websites, social media, banners, billboards or posters.

My work merges pastel colors, light texture, minimalism & surreal motives and I aspire to create engaging work which resonates with the text and keeps the viewer curious.

In addition to working in illustration and graphic design, I have a  degree in International Politics and Development studies which provided me the understanding of complexity of social, political, environmental issues​ which I'm keen in exploring visually.​

Selected clients: Agency1323, Admoon, European Movement Lithuania, Vilnius University, Kauno miesto kamerinis teatras, Bosanova, PR Service, PassCamp, Vimheslo, Era Esthetics, Raktas magazine.

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